Easy Steps to Improve and Maintain a Home's Soil

It's always enjoyable to drive by a home that has great curb appeal. Of course, those passing by might assume the homeowners simply have an enviable green thumb. However, chances are the homeowners did their homework and discovered that one of the secrets to great landscaping is encouraging good soil. Since soil houses the essential nutrients that plants and flowers need to thrive, homeowners who start with a good soil foundation are much better prepared, since they began their landscaping efforts literally from the ground up.

Get to Know Your Own Soil

Different plants, flowers, etc. require different types of soil in order to thrive, especially in regards to pH level. It's not uncommon for a novice gardener to bring home a beautiful acid-loving purple hydrangea, only to find it gradually turning pink over the years because of the surrounding alkaline soil. By testing one's soil, homeowners can learn whether their particular soil is better suited for alkaline-loving flowers and plants or acid-loving varieties. It also makes it easier for homeowners to amend their soil by adding just the right components to manually adjust its pH level, depending upon the items they would like to grow.

Remove Nutrient Barriers

Trees, plants, etc. need a comfortable environment in which to expand their roots. If the ground is rocky, it makes it that much more difficult for all the roots to get good exposure to water, as well as nutrients that soil contains. If a homeowner comes across a significant amount of rocks while planting, they should either stop and pull out all the rocks or consider planting elsewhere. In addition, soil often becomes hardened and compact over time. Using a manual soil aerator or one that attaches to lawn equipment, allows homeowners to perforate the soil with small holes. This aeration process loosens up the soil to allow grass and trees more access to water and soil containing important nutrients.

Add Some Nutrients

Fertilizer and/or organic material is almost always welcomed by plant life. Many flowers, shrubs, grass turf, etc. come with instructions on what type of fertilizers they prefer.

Get Help From Insects

One of the natural ways to discourage unwanted bugs from damaging outdoor plant life, is to add beneficial insects to soil. Bringing in the natural predators of harmful bugs, gives plants a chance to thrive and reduces the need for pesticides.

If you would like to know more about how to establish better soil conditions around your home, please contact us!

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