Tarter DKHDG 6 x 10 x 10 ft. Complete Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel, Gray (6 x 10 x 10', Gray)


We know your pets are family, and keeping them safe is a top priority. Tarter’s Elite Kennel features a durable, 1 3/4″, 19-gauge steel tube frame filled with 8-gauge wire. The wire fill has 2″x4″ spacing to keep your pets safe from predators.

Another durable feature of the Elite Kennel is its patented finish. This process starts by adding a rust inhibitor to the galvanized steel. Then, the kennel is E-coated and finished with a powder coat, making it the most protected kennel on the market.

The kennel’s front panel door creates a 2-1/2’x 5′ 8″ opening, and its two-way, lockable latch allows you to enter and exit the kennel easily. The latch’s design is animal-proof to keep your pets safely contained.

When you’re ready to expand your kennel, add a five- or ten-foot side panel or an optional two-door front panel. All panels and doors come with heavy-duty top and bottom kennel clamps, making it simple to give your animals room to roam. Tarter also offers a shade cover for additional protection against the elements.

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