Bekaert Steel Wire Gripple Medium (40 lb)


Product Description

  • Joining and tensioning ability in one
  • Eliminates tying and knotting wires, reducing installation time
  • Ideal for use on high tensile and low-carbon trellis wire
  • Designed for high loads and corrosion resistance
Upc Code Item 672205 00377 5
Upc Code Case Pallet 672205 00392 8
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Item Weight (LBS) 1
Item Width (Inch) 5
Item Height (Inch) 8.25
Item Depth (Inch) 1
Pallet Width (Inch) 39.0
Pallet Depth (Inch) 47.0
Case Weight (LBS) 6.5
Case Width (Inch) 4.75
Case Height (Inch) 3.75
Case Depth (Inch) 10.75
Packaging Bag


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