Bonide REVENGE® Mini Reel Kit Sticky Fly Tape


REVENGE® Mini Reel Kit contains everything needed to catch tens of thousands of flies. Our kit contains 1 reel with 81' of fly tape, 1 empty take-up reel, and 2 screws with anchors for mounting. Use everywhere to catch flies.

Tape attracts and captures flies
Use indoors & outdoors
Contains non-drying glue
One reel contains 81 ft. of fly tape
Easy disposal
Contains 1 mini reel kit

ATTRACT AND CAPTURE-This kit contains everything you need to capture tens of thousands of flies.
NO TOUCHING FLIES-Easy disposal makes it a mess-free snap to dispose of tape once you are ready.
NON-DRYING GLUE-The flies will continue to stick to the tape until the tape is full and you are ready to dispose.
USE ANYWHERE FLIES ARE BOTHERSOME-Can be used in stables, farms, barns, patios and more.
NON-TOXIC FLY CONTROL-This tape is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

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