Farnam Vita Plus Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement 3 Lb


Additional nutrition is crucial when a horse isn’t getting the correct amounts in his daily diet. Farnam Vita Plus Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is scientifically balanced to provide a strong nutritional foundation that helps support health and performance for horses of all ages and disciplines.

Helps support health and performance
Contains protein, vitamins and essential bioavailable minerals to help your horse look, feel and perform his best
Delivers optimal levels of water- and fat-soluble vitamins, minerals and amino acids to fill gaps in the diet
Helps support muscle tissue and protein breakdown during exercise
Contains antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium
Great daily multivitamin
Easy-to-feed PELLETS!
Available in 30-day and 60-day Supply
Supplements for every age and every stage. Check out Grow Colt Growth and Development Supplement or Mare Plus Gestation and Lactation Supplement

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