Purina Cat Chow Dry Cat Food Indoor Hairball + Healthy Weight 3.15 lb.Bags


Living indoors means your cat has constant companionship, as well as a safe home. But indoor cats can also be less active and more prone to hairballs. To help them look and feel exceptional, Cat Chow Indoor provides key nutrients your cat needs to thrive, each and every day.

And to deliver more reassurance that you’re helping your cat live their best life, you can count on Cat Chow Indoor Hairball + Healthy Weight to craft every batch with care. That means responsibly sourced ingredients, expertly prepared recipes produced in Purina-owned facilities and the knowledge of hundreds of scientists and nutritionists to ensure every ingredient is purposeful to your cat’s health.

Made with real, farm-raised chicken
Natural fiber helps control hairballs
Helps promote a healthy weight
No artificial flavors
Made with all 25 essential vitamins and minerals
100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats

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