Standlee Hand-Selected Alfala 24 oz


Moderately high in protein, low in sugar and high in digestible fiber content.
Environmentally friendly (no plastic liner) specially designed reclosable box for ease of storage and cleanliness
Always Fresh ‘From Our Field - To Your Home’
All-Natural and Free of Any Additives or Preservatives
Hand-Selected for Optimal Product Quality
Stimulates Chewing Which Promotes Dental & Digestive Health
Encourages Natural Foraging Behaviors
Available in: 24 oz bags | 10# and 25# boxes

The digestive systems of many small animals are designed to digest fiber, often requiring up to 80% of their diets as high-quality fiber. Of that amount, 10-25% should come from long-stem forage to encourage natural foraging behavior, help wear down teeth and prevent boredom. Standlee recommends selecting a commercial fiber-based, vitamin and mineral fortified food, like PremiYum fortified food, and pair it with high-quality, hand-selected long-stem forage. Alfalfa is NOT intended to be the only component of the diet. Place forages in a hopper or bin to prevent spoilage. Remove any uneaten forage if it becomes wet, damp, or soiled.

Feeding a small amount of fresh forage stimulates chewing, which aids in proper teeth wear and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Always provide clean, fresh water daily. Store forage in a cool, dry place. Reclose after each use.

Please contact your veterinarian or call us at 800-398-0819 with any specific questions regarding your animal’s diet.

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