Vigortone® Mag O Min Mineral Plus


A mineral formulated with magnesium and other nutrients that are lacking in early growing grass or when grass tetany is a concern.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides supplemental magnesium when grazing tetany-prone pastures.
  • Formulated for precise intake and palatability in every geography.
  • Targeted nutrition to compliment your forages.
  • Robust additive options to meet the springtime needs in any geography.
  • Contains weatherization to prevent lumping and nutrient loss under high moisture conditions.
  • Layered nutrition to meet any budget.
  • Plus Hi Mag contains basic copper chloride to avoid common pasture antagonists.

Available Additives:

  • CTC 6,000
  • CTC 4,000
  • CTC 6,000 + IGR®
  • CTC 4,000 + IGR®
  • CTC 4,000 + ClariFly®
  • HC IGR® (1,400# cow)
  • CinnaGar®
  • Availa® 4
  • XPC®

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